Motorcycle rental is a service that gives everyone the opportunity to experience the adrenaline that motocross can give, involving adults and children in moments of escape and relaxation, all in maximum safety.

All prices naturally include entry to the track, motorcycle rental, full fuel and the supply of complete clothing. It is not necessary to have a license to rent motorcycles.

  • Any malfunctions and technical failures not attributable to the pilot, will be fully compensated by the rental center.
  • In the event that the damage should be caused by falls or accidents of any kind, the quantified value of the damage will be charged in full to the rider.
  • Warning! Notify if it is not possible to go to the circuit at the scheduled rental time, the reservation will remain valid up to a maximum of 20 minutes late.
  • In the rental contract there is no insurance in case of injury to the rider or to third parties.
  • The company declines any kind of responsibility in case of driver misconduct.
  • In case of inexperience, we recommend booking a session with the instructor together with the motorcycle rental.